Thursday, February 9, 2012

25 Things you don’t know about me

While goggling around I came across this idea.
Some people know me but they don’t REALLY know me, so here it goes…

1) Love coffee
2) Some people think am funny
3) Hate the cold weather
4) Pisses me off when I get cut off halfway thru a sentence
5) Afraid of heights
6) Love to sleep
7) Can’t be in a quite house
8) Obsessed with my ipad
9) Love a bargain
10) Cry when frustrated
11) Can’t follow when people spell words out
12) NOT a morning person
13) Love arts & crafts
14) Computers intrigue me
15) Not a sweets person
16) Eating is my middle name and I eat my side dishes before my main meal
17) Love loud Spanish music when I clean, especially some Marc Anthony
18) Sucker for romantic comedies
19) Fell of a treadmill while working out at the gym
20) Love making lists, it’s the only way I can get organized
21) Love to cook but hate picking up after
22) Can’t stand folding clothes
23) Born on an island and live in Hawaii and I still don’t know how to swim
24) Fountain coke from McDonald’s is my only remedy to a hangover
25) I’ve met Albert Pujols and I was soo excited I could even talk :/

Can you come up with 25 random things about yourself? I dare you.


  1. I can't follow when people spell words out either! Does #22 have anything to do with Macy's? =) I liked getting to know you better.

    1. Hi Tricia! I didn't like it before but after Macy's I started to dislike it a lot. Now the hubs folds the laundry :)

  2. I'll take that dare.

    1. I think lists like this are shameless acts of self-promotion and I would never lower myself to do one.
    2. I often contradict myself.
    3. I sing along every time I hear Peter Cetera's Glory of Love on the radio.
    4. I hate, hate, hate pretzels. Can't stand the way they smell or taste.
    5. The first album I ever bought was Chicago 17. The second was the Beat Street soundtrack.
    6. Buying a new wallet makes me angry. Angry that I have less money to put in the new wallet.
    7. If I end up having an acting career the equivalent of Luis Guzman's, then mission accomplished.
    8. I believe that all Filipino cuisine is based on a dare.
    9. My most embarrassing moment happened on the day I had a nosebleed at an amusement park and the only thing I had to staunch the blood was a diaper.
    10. I can recite Karate Kid and Karate Kid II almost line for line.
    11. I like to use words that start with vowels as much as possible because "an" is an underutilized indefinite article that deserves to be used more.
    12. My biggest pet peeve is other people wearing my socks. A very close second is people leaving their socks lying around on the floor.
    13. I always save a bite of the best part of a meal for the last bite to ensure that I end on a high note.
    14. My first car was an 81 VW Scirocco. I bought it for $300, had it for a few months, and then sold it for $400.
    15. I've set foot in every state except Alaska and Lousiana. Boston and Miami are my favorite cities and Atlantic City is a dump.
    16. I haven't had a hair cut in five years.
    17. Not a fan of Tom Skerritt. He's like gluten. In everything and has a creepy mustache.
    18. When I'm talking to people with Russian accents, I feel compelled to reply in a Russian accent.
    19. I have no issues with Milli Vanilli's lip synching. Blame It On The Rain was a great song.
    20. I believe the nori should cover the whole length of the musubi.
    21. Didn't own an Apple product until 2011.
    22. I've ridden an elephant and a camel.
    23. The first question I'm asking God in Heaven is: What's up with the Bermuda Triangle?
    24. My dream role would be a villain in a western. My dream project would be a historical epic about Hawaii.
    25. I'm happy that I've been able to raise all of my kids to be respectful, to love the idea of travel, to know the value of laughter, and to be able to catch a football.