Monday, March 19, 2012

Being a Tourist

Last week the hubs was bored so we decided to go for a drive and we ended up in DC. What a beautiful city but If you don’t know your way around, you will get lost like we did and we had a GPS. Go figure!
We walked around for a bit to get a little familiarized with the area since we will be going there a lot. 
White House- North Lawn 
Cherry Blossoms- My first time seeing this beauty
Side view of Lincoln Memorial
View of the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial

Inside the Lincoln Memorial- pretty cool!
Capitol Hill
Ended up driving to Georgetown and stopped at Georgetown Cupcakes, they have a show on TLC~ DC Cupcakes. The hubs thought I was a dork but I was super excited! 

Can't wait to go back and explore all the wonderful places that DC has to offer. 

Stay Tuned!!

~ B


  1. I miss DC!! LoL You gotta go for the Cherry Blossom festival...beautiful!! =)

  2. Pretty cool. I always like seeing your world through your camera lens.